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Physicians Directory

For your added convenience, we’ve provided a directory of active medical staff that work at North Hills Surgery Center.  If there is someone that you are unable to find in the directory, please use our contact form on the CONTACT PAGE to let us know and we will do our very best to help you.

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Doctor Speciality
Heinzelmann, Andrew Orthopaedics
Curry, Angela Gynecological
Weilert, Brent R. Pain Management
Gray, Derrick Family Practice/Endoscopy
Eck, Gareth General/Endoscopy
Judkins, Hunter Family Practice/Endoscopy
Spencer, Jared ENT
Pleimann, Jason Orthopaedics
Kellar, Jeffery General & Endoscopy
Bell, Jeffrey General & Endoscopy
Berry, Jon General & Endoscopy
Lollar, Kevin ENT
Manning, Lance ENT
Miedema, Mark Pain Management
Coker, Matt Orthopaedics
Cross, Michael Breast
Farris, Paul ENT
Henry, Paul Ophthalmology
Daut, Peter Ophthalmology
Mullis, Ronald General & Endoscopy
Covey, Sarah Ophthalmology
Cashman, Stephen ENT
Wood, Steve General & Endoscopy
Coker, Tom Patrick Orthopaedics
Hudec, Wayne General & Endoscopy