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Image-guidance allows for real time correlation of the operative site to avoid areas such as the brain and orbit during sinus surgery. The nasal/sinus area will be explored and resected based on the patient’s condition. Several procedures can be performed including but not limited to: Septoplasty, Submucous Resection of Inferior Turbinate(s), Removal of Frontal Sinus Tissue, Ethmoidectomy, Antrostomy. Your physician will review the details of your condition and proposed procedures during consultation. What is a: Septoplasty –surgery on the septum (the bone that separates the nostrils) the septum can be crooked due to an injury or are present from birth. Submucous Resection of Inferior Turbinates – Tissue that is swollen/inflamed inside the nose is removed to increase airflow. Ethmoidectomy – tissue from the ethmoid sinus cavity is removed to treat chronic sinusitis. Antrostomy — Chronic sinusitis can cause the maxillary sinus to become blocked. The blockage is removed or drained during surgery.

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