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BioZorb – New Surgical Device for Breast Cancer Care

North Hills Surgery Center is now offering patients a new device that can help improve the treatment of breast cancer. It’s called BioZorb. It helps physicians deliver more precise radiation BioZorb Technology Imagetreatment and keep track of the site after lumpectomy surgery has removed the cancer.BioZorb technology for breast cancer

The 3D BioZorb marker provides a clearer target for radiation treatments. Better targeting helps protect healthy tissues around the surgical site.

BioZorb can also provide a more satisfying cosmetic result. It supports the shape of the breast at the lumpectomy site during healing. Slow resorption of the device over the course of a year or more may help avoid scarring and improve contouring of the breast.

Since the device contains permanent markers to identify the surgical area, doctors have a way of identifying the most important area of the breast long after the majority of the device has been resorbed by the body.

BioZorb is now available at our center, and we encourage you to speak with one of our physicians to determine if you are a good candidate for the device.

For more about the unique BioZorb marker, ask your physician or office staff, or visit Focal Therapeutics.